By Björn Potulski

EXODUS started. A matinee on May 8 in Malta opened a series of international shows. The audience was consisting of 500 school students. We survived.

Two evening performances followed. We received fantastic comments by our audiences. Thank you very much! Thanks to all those who have helped us to start up this unique project, involving eight nationalities and six countries!

A ferry trip to Sicily followed. Rough seas. Only George, who is a professional sailor, stayed unimpressed. I won?t tell details concerning the physical and mental reactions of the company.

EXODUS currently shows in Catania, Sicily. The last show here will be tonight, May 13 at 9pm. The venue is the beautiful space of Teatro Club Nando Greco in the city centre.

Maciej is live broadcasting from JERUSALEM. Yesterday, he found Kais, who is a Palestinian living in the eastern part of the Holy City. Kais, who is a city guide, told us about his personal situation in the “Promised Land”: Not having a proper passport, being married to a Christian and what problems that causes with the Israelian authorities, being a refugee in his own land and home.

EXODUS will move on to Vienna. Upcoming shows: May 15, 16 and 17 at Theater des Augenblicks, Edlhofgasse 10, Vienna. The shows will be subtitled in the German language.

The following photographs have been taken during rehearsals in Malta:

Eric and George

ERIC NYANDU KABONGO (left) was born in Kinshasa, Congo. He came to Europe with the Exodus of “Boat People” and almost died at sea. Eric and the other people in his boat have been saved by the Maltese Navy. Brigardier GEORGE SAMMUT (right) is a crew member of the P-61, the Maltese Navy’s flagship.

Attilio Nucera

ATTILIO NUCERA is from Calabria in Southern Italy. His native language is an ancient Greek dialect, currently only spoken by a few hundred people; a veritable heritage of the Magna Graecia that has been founded in southern Italy by the Greek colonists 800 B.C., now a minority culture rapidly dying out.

Imer Deliu

IMER DELIU is a veteran of UÇK, the ?Kosovo Liberation Army?. He has fought in the Kosovo War for his Promised Land and has paid a big price. 24 members of his family became victims of a massacre committed by Serbian troups. This event made news in media around the globe and influenced the public opinion in the Western World in a way that made a NATO-intervention in Kosovo more likely.

Nélida Béjar

Spanish composer NÉLIDA BÉJAR is creating the original music score for EXODUS. She is performing live on stage; when you hear her play, you cannot believe it is just one person who is creating live all these sounds. Nélida is connecting her violin to her computer and is live processing sounds using loops, delays and other effects.

Maciej Adamczyk

The icon of all Promised Lands is Jerusalem; the Holy City is a focus of the three monotheistic religions, the main arena of their conflict; Polish actor and director MACIEJ ADAMCZYK is performing in Jerusalem and is broadcasting live images and sound to be projected on a screen that is part of the stage settings. Maciej is asking the people of Jerusalem for their “Promised Lands”.

We are looking forward to welcome you as our guests!

VIENNA: May 15/16/17
MUNICH: May 20/21/22/23
WARSAW: May 24/25

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