Catania and the relationship between theatre music and soldering


EXODUS is a joint theatre production of artists from Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal and Malta and is dedicated to the foundation of a veritable European Theatre: The seven participating theatre companies from all over Europe aim to create a regular schedule under the umbrella of a common corporate identity. EXODUS is the initiative?s showcase. The international production team will be blogging on the development of the initiative on a weekly basis.

By Nélida Béjar

Now a few days are left to finish preparing all the technical aspects, before our music rehearsals will start in Catania. The music I’ll play will be for violin, which will be processed through the computer using pure data, a sound programming software. The programmation is ready, I made for this project a looper with different effects in order to record, play back and change the violin sound in real time. One last thing needs to be built: a small pedal board to control the whole thing with the feet while playing, made out of some switches and the circuit board of an old keyboard, which now only need to be soldered together. This is my programm for today…

Nélida?s device

Then, on Friday, in Catania, I’ll finally meet Renato and Paola, the italian part of our theater, and we’ll work out the kind of interaction this processed violin music will have with Renato’s singing, and give the whole thing a definitive structure, before meeting the rest of the crew, actors and co-directors, in Malta a week later. An exciting perspective all in all.


Nélida Béjar was born to her Spanish parents in Munich 1979. Nélida studied Music at the Musikhochschule in Munich and Composition at the RSK in Munich with Wilfried Hiller. She has written pieces for the Gasteig, the Bayerischer Rundfunk, the vocal group Die Singphoniker, the dutch ensemble De Ereprijs, the DoArte foundation, and various soloists. Nélida received the Richard-Strauss-Preis 2005 and a residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris in 2004. At the moment she is preparing for her PhD in Composition with Donnacha Dennehy at the Trinity College in Dublin, while living in Paris.

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