Structure. Seven professional theatre companies from different countries all over Europe shall contribute to a regular common program under the umbrella of a corporate identity. In regards to its artistic contents the European Theatre will implement the European Union’s motto: „In varietate concordia“.
Each member will be preparing one production per year, according to a common season concept. Each production will show in all seven countries. The initiative’s core is a supranational artistic ensemble, assembling representatives from all the seven participating companies: In this regard, we are preparing a master piece with our upcoming production EXODUS.

Funding. The initiative shall be funded by EU’s cultural program and by public private partnerships. The presentation of our sponsors’ engagement will regularly be travelling with the productions to seven countries.

References have been and are being acquired in the course of the Malta based Old Testament Project. Future members of the European Theatre are participating in this project. Episode II, Lust and Order, has been produced as a cooperation of German-Maltese company Weltschmerz Productions with French Compagnie PRÉFACE. Again, their cooperation will play a leading role in the near future.

        European Theater      


Our work is dedicated to the foundation of a veritable European Theatre. It shall assemble seven professional companies from all over the continent, contributing to a regular common programme. Currently, our "family" is consisting of theatre companies from France, Germany, Malta, Austria, Poland and Italy. Their replica breitling representatives form our current TEAM - we aim to create an intriguing showcase for the foundation of a veritable European Theatre.