For the last six months the theatre director has been residing in Malta, more precisely in Guardamangia next to the capital Valletta. In April the first episode of the Old Testament was staged at Teatru Manoel, the Maltese National Theatre. It was dealing with the first part of the Genesis. Apart from the artistic work, the director did the necessary networking. “You are making friends, they activate friends and relatives and sometime you arrive to the key person”, he says. Guido de Marco, President Emeritus and father of the Maltese EU participation has recently become the project’s patron.

Together with his colleagues Werner Distler and Bernhard Scharf he has formed the “Weltschmerz Productions Ltd.”. This production company not only shoulders the economic burdens of “The Old Testament Theatre Project”, but is also acquiring partners for another long-anticipated dream: That of a European Theatre. If it succeeds, seven theatre companies from the EU will offer a common program in their home countries. Transcending borders of national discourses and languages they shall “find out the common ground of a European identity that might be existing”. Potulski already managed to convince four companies, besides Malta from France, Portugal and Austria. A small apartment serves the company as an office as well as accommodation for the non Maltese members of the production team of the Old Testament Project: Apart from the Munich director it is currently housing a French choreographer and, from time to time, a Spanish composer. The European Theatre is already assuming shape. Abdul Rahman Awal, a former illegal immigrant originating from Niger is completing the cast of Maltese actors. According to the content of Episode II, the second part of the Genesis and its archetypical characters such as Sara, Isaac and Rachel, he is portraying the character of the father: Abraham, the patriarch of all monotheistic religions. Potulski considers his production also to be a contribution to an intercultural discourse. Awal is Muslim.


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