Anyone who has watched Creation last April or its repeat in May got an inkling into Potulski’s avant-garde aesthetics, this time fired by Wassily Kandinsky and Marc Chagall. So get ready for yet another thought-provoking abstract take where acting, lighting, music and space synthesise contemporary images. “I’m not really interested in traditional family structures as they may appear to be studied by a sociologist. […] I’m interested in the family as a system of archetypes. These archetypical patterns have a concrete and everlasting meaning to us. Relations of power, of protection and need for shelter, the competition to be more beautiful, more successful, stronger, brighter… The characters that we put on stage appear in this sense: an archetypical family that offers an image to our own state of being.” As Mr Potulski speaks of the challenges involved in realising Lust and Order, I cannot help thinking of how this experience has added on another layer to the sense of struggle on stage.


Once again, the Spanish composer and concert pianist Nélida Béjar has created an original score with her signature combo of piano playing, electronic sounds and effects in a way which truly eggs on the spectators to confront the action unfolding on stage. Also look out for the insertion of a Vienna waltz both as an “audible image of the harmony and unity of the archetypical family” at the beginning; and as a reverberating “echo in the solitary patriarch’s head – à la recherché d’unité perdu” at the end since Abraham can only look upon his family splintered into three monotheistic religions going their separate ways. […] The shattered family no doubt anticipates the maelstrom of the Exodus – the subject of Episode III which will be staged later on this year.

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